Child / Parent Data Import

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March 14, 2017
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March 15, 2017

Child / Parent Data Import

The first thing you will need to do is download the KidReports Child / Parent import template below.

Download – KidReports Child / Parent Import Template – Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Once you have downloaded the excel template you will need to copy and paste and possibly do some formatting of the data to make sure it matches the required format for your data import to be successful.

To successfully complete the KidReports Child / Parent data import process you will need the following minimum required data to fill in the template.

First Name | Last Name | Classroom | Child B-Day | Contact | Mom Email | 2nd Contact | Dad Email

Below are listed explanations of the formats for each of the required fields in the excel template.

First Name

  • The child’s first/given name

Last Name

  • The child’s surname


  • The room that the child will be assigned to (Matching the room name in KidReports)

Child B-Day

  • The birth date of the child


  • Primary caregiver field should be entered in the “Firstname Lastname” format using A-Z a-z Only.

Mom Email

  • Email address for the Contact

2nd contact

  • Secondary caregiver field should be entered in the “Firstname Lastname” format using A-Z a-z Only.

Dad Email

  • Email address for the 2nd contact

Once you have finished filling up the Child / Parent Data Import template you will need to use the template to perform the data import at the following URL.

Importing Children

Step 1

Make sure the options on your screen match the options selected in the screen-shot below.

Step 2

Navigate to the location that you have saved your filled-in template for the Child / Parent Data Import, Select the template file and click “Open”

Step 3

Confirm that the correct file has been select and is being displayed then click the “Import” button.

You will now see a list of current date import jobs that are pending or complete. Because this is most likely the first data import into you KidReports system you should only see one job in the list.

Step 4

To navigate back to the Data Import page click on the “View Import Page” link.

Importing Parents/Family Members

Step 1

Change the option in the “I want to import” drop-down menu from “Children” to “Family Members” then select “Choose File”

Step 2

Navigate to the Child / Parent Data Import template and click “Open”.

Step 3

With the Template selected press the “Import” button.

Step 4

From the job list you are able to view some critical information regarding the import jobs you have just initiated. If you wish, press the “refresh” button after some time to see that both the import jobs are completed. Once the jobs have completed you can confirm that the children and their family members have been loaded into KidReports by navigating to the Children and Family Members pages respectively.