About Us


KidReports was founded in 2011 in order to help parents stay connected with their children. Since then, we have grown it into a complete tool for digital classroom management, parent communication and engagement, and licensing compliance. Now in use across the United States and internationally, KidReports provides the most customisable and flexible set of tools for tracking activities, messaging parents, and keeping digital records.

Mace IT Services

Mace IT Services provides IT Solutions, Support and Procurement Services to around 250 early childcare centers nationwide. Our technical team work very closely with teachers, staff and management of several childcare providers. We know the pain they go through on a daily basis as we have helped them through their technical issues. With experience in what the childcare industry needs we set out to find the best solution resulting in collaborating with KidReports USA and now offer New Zealand a much more customized product that offers Real time communication and Peace of mind by making life easier for everyone working in Childcare. ​


​Leif Ullman

Chief Executive Officer

Leif is CEO and head of software development for KidReports. Leif brings over 15 years of software development experience, primarily focused on US Department of Defense and other advanced military and intelligence applications.

He holds a B.S in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from the University of Colorado. In addition, Leif received his Executive MBA from the University of Denver. Leif is married with two young children and enjoys the Colorado outdoors.

Greg Krupa

Chief Operating Officer

Greg is COO and head of business development for KidReports. Greg brings 10 years of corporate banking experience with JPMorgan Chase Bank. His work experience includes financial analysis, business development, relationship management and underwriting of corporate banking transactions.

He holds a B.S. in Corporate Finance and International Business with a minor in Spanish from the University of Colorado. Greg is married with two young children and enjoys running, skiing and spending time in the Colorado Rockies.

​Dan Weaver

Chief Marketing Officer

Dan is CMO and head of sales for KidReports. Dan has 14 years experience in public affairs, outreach, strategic partnerships and business development. Dan has worked extensively on both a federal and state level for public affairs.

Dan holds a B.A. in Political Science from Mesa State College as well as having received his Executive MBA from the University of Denver. Dan is married with two children and enjoys golf and baseball.

Pinky Wadhwania


As an engineer by study and focused on creating and observing 'A-ha' moments for technology users, Pinky uses her skill and experience to help organisations solve technical issues and create innovative ways to reduce time spent on mundane tasks.

Pinky is committed to the success of technology implementation at Early Learning Centres and lives to help the teams save time through the effective use of technology.

Firoz Wadhwania


Firoz is an IT entrepreneur with a strong sense of designing and delivering innovative and cost-effective IT solutions for SMBs. He is the founder of Mace IT Services with a long list of faithful clients over the period of ten years of its operation in New Zealand. Firoz believes the childcare industry in NZ deserves better IT Services and business solutions so that the benefits of using technology could truly be leveraged.

With a very good understanding of what the childcare industry needs, he set out to find the best solution resulting in collaborating with KidReports USA and now offer New Zealand a much more customized product that makes life easier for everyone working in the Early Learning sector.

Susan Brennan

Sales Executive

I have a background in working for government departments and also private industry. In every role in my career it has been vital that we have had effective and simple communication methods to convey complex information.

I am passionate about having IT systems that are simple to use, efficient and make a real difference to workloads.