What comes before a learning story?
December 16, 2016
Improve staff efficiency while still saving time with KidReports
September 1, 2017

Creating a beautiful journey for each child – one story at a time!

We know what difference it makes – when you look at a well-written and a well-formatted learning story. The content and the design matter so much!
Have a look at some quick videos which will provide some great insight into creating learning stories in an easy manner. This will also allow you effectively use the KidReports editor, your preferred way.

  1. Simple layout – Photo at the top and story text at the bottom
  2. Layout with Photos and text on alternating sides
  3. Layout with a lot of photos and some clip art images
  4. Creating a collage on an Android device using the Gallery feature (very handy!)
  5. Creating a collage using Pixlr app on an Android device
  6. Uploading collages in KidReports app. This can be used for your learning stories later.


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