KidReports Creates Memories
September 26, 2016
Creating a beautiful journey for each child – one story at a time!
February 14, 2017

What comes before a learning story?

Creating a child’s journey - one observation at a time!

The Planning, Evaluation, Assessment section on states:

Assessment occurs minute by minute as adults listen, watch, and interact with an individual child or with groups of children. These continuous observations provide the basis of information for more in-depth assessment and evaluation that is integral to making decisions on how best to meet children’s needs..”

KidReports allows educators to not only create Learning Stories, but be able to use all of the previously recorded observations and bring them together in a story that is much easier to create.

KidReports is the only solution that allows you to analyse and extend these observations into the form of learning stories and apply curriculum links that highlight each individual’s strengths and developmental progress.

Check out this quick video here. For a full KidReports Demo, get in touch with us and we will schedule one for you and your team.

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