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September 1, 2017
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April 9, 2018

Digitise your Early Childhood Education Centre

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Melissa needs a break.

All the paperwork and filing she’s having to do everyday is becoming too much to handle. Accident and incident forms, daily hazard checklists, learning reports- the files just keep getting thicker and there’s nowhere for them to go. Her office is filling up, slowly but surely.

On top of this there’s the issue of getting her managers and teachers to sign off on all the paperwork. It’s hard, making sure they finish up the day’s reports before they leave as well as making sure they note down the correct date and time.

This is Melissa’s fourth year at the center and she’s watched children grow before her eyes, from infants to school- ready kids. She knows she’s going to have to keep their records for up to five years after they graduate but this is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of children in her centre grows.


For Melissa, help comes at the right time. She’s been researching ways to digitise her center and was recommended KidReports by a fellow center manager.

She also finds a study by McLachlan that states:


She’s shocked to find that the study is from 2014. Why hasn’t she adopted this technology before?

“It’s like a digital diary,” Her friend tells her. “No more stressing over things like paperwork!”

Melissa finds this to be true- as soon as KidReports is implemented in her center, daily and monthly reports become a lot easier to manage. They’re handy, have an automatic date and time stamp, and teachers can even do their signatures on their tablets!

No more printing, no more filing, no more shelves groaning under the weight of a million different folders. All records are archived and stored in the cloud, but still easy to search for and access.

Now that Melissa doesn’t have to worry about trivial things like reports. The software makes it easier to add curriculum strands from Te Whariki and so she has a lot more time to focus on her teachers and their professional development. KidReports has helped the entire centre run more smoothly.

Melissa’s a lot happier nowadays. It looks like she might not need that break after all.

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