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August 22, 2016
What comes before a learning story?
December 16, 2016

KidReports Creates Memories

                                       T.S. Eliot once said “It’s the journey, not the destination that matters…”

Every experience and interaction a child has with their world is a wondrous learning experience – rich with meaning and detail. Imagine if you had the power to capture the story of each child as it unfolds and maintain the timeline of events preserving every detail and creating precious memories for generations to come.

KidReports is a fantastic tool allowing you not only to create detailed observations and documentation but it is also the only solution that allows you to analyse and extend these observations into the form of learning stories and apply curriculum links highlighting each individual’s strengths and developmental progress.

KidReports puts the power in your hands – giving you the ability to document and follow a child as they grow from who they are now into who they will become one day!

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