Record Everything

meals, nappy changes, sleep charts and observations.

Learning Roots & Shoots ™

Take your e-Portfolios a step further

  • Curriculum tagging has never been easier than with Learning Roots and Shoots!

  • Learning Roots and Shoots threads the child’s skills and interests together, enabling families to visualise the emerging learning in a single view.

  • Here, teachers and families are able to see a child’s growth through the years, as well as areas that need attention

  • This highly personal tree allows educators to understand the child on a much higher, holistic level.

Photo Album

Capture memories and meaningful moments

  • Every single photo taken of any given child during their enrolment at your service is automatically added to their photo album.

  • Families are able to browse through these photos at random, or search for photos from a specific date- for example, a birthday.

  • When the child graduates, these photos are available to be downloaded as a comprehensive record of their early years.

  • Best of all, KidReports uses a cloud storage solution, and so offers unlimited photo and video upload!

Highly Customisable

If teachers or managers want to tweak the system to meet their needs, to change workflow or increase the number of options, our team is able to mould the software to your liking. KidReports is the only software that is fluid rather than fixed, offering you the flexibility you need to run your service. KidReports is also unique in the sense that we have a team that listens to what sector needs. Our developers and dedicated support staff can create a tailor-made solution to suite the need of multi-centre organisation that has unique requirements base on how learning is imparted at the centre.

Reports on Everything

  • Automated Daily Reports

    Send automated daily reports and provide peace of mind to families and ensure that they’re kept in the loop.
  • Nappy and Sleep Charts

    Digitise important charts and documentation and have them available for Reporting on demand.
  • Reports for Future Planning

    Make sure no child is left behind and there are no holes in your programme planning
  • Reports for Self-Review

    Use this for your SWOT analysis, gathering key information about the centre and its operations.